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Texas’ New Breed of Real Estate

Finding a real estate agent has never been harder than today. Since the internet boom, it takes only a second to find more than a dozen of qualified agents in your area. Most likely, all of them have great reviews and stellar records. But if you’re looking for an agent who thinks like you, pay attention to their personality. Every agent has “unlimited access to a database of homes and clients,” but the good agents tell you more than what they offer. They tell you who they are. For Carrington, we place value on 3 main characteristics: Creativity, Frankness, and Resilience.

Experienced agents know that not every real estate deal goes according to plan. For buyers, you might get outbid by another interested party. For sellers, you may not get any buyer attention because of some unknown reason. And if you don’t have a real estate agent who can be frank about these issues, then you’ll always have a bad experience. It takes a resilient agent to sit down with you, and tell you what needs to be done — no matter how bad the news is. When you’re ready to take action against these problems, you’ll then need an agent who can find you a creative solution, so your real estate dream can come true.

Because of our frankness, resilience, and creativity, we have set ourselves apart from the usual real estate brokerage. Getting educated about real estate is only one step. It takes a good agent to put it to you straight and find you a solution to whatever problem you’re facing. If you want to see how we work, give us a call and we’ll show you how real estate should be done in Texas!

Carrington Real Estate Agent

3 Ways Carrington Real Estate Services Isn’t Like the Rest

1. Bandwidth

Though this may sound strange, our agents’ bandwidth is one of the ways we have separated ourselves from the pack. A lot of agents take on any business they can get, since their salary is commensurate of their clientele. However, with them being super busy all the time, it does detract from their ability to guide you. Having “quality” time with every client is a must, as our agents need to know who you are, so they can find the right house (or buyer) for you.

2. Openness

Being open to you throughout our relationship is one of our key qualities. If you’re selling your house and receive negative feedback from buyers, we’ll be there to tell you about it. We aren’t going to hide what people say, otherwise, we can’t work towards a solution. The same applies to home buyers. If you’re expecting too much from a tight budget, we will be earnest and open about what you should seek.

3. Skill

Tons of agents have years of experience, but it doesn’t always translate to skill. At times, you may need an agent who can lead into strong negotiations or find a simple way around an obstacle. Our skills comes from continuous training and studying of recent practices. That way, we know we are the experts in real estate.

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What We Offer: Our Services

For Buyers:

We offer individual market information. Choosing a city to move to can be hard enough, but narrowing it down even further (possibly to a neighborhood) can be gut wrenching. Tons of questions always pop up in a buyer’s mind: Is the neighborhood safe? Will home values go up or down in 5 years? Is the home worth the location? Because each of our agents specializes in a few areas, they can give you the market breakdown — leading you to make a sound decision when buying a new house.

For Sellers:

We offer local market metrics. Deciding on when to sell your home and for how much can often leave you in a whirlwind of anxiety. When you talk to us, we’ll show you a cost breakdown of the real estate market. We’ll show you how much homes are selling for (compared to yours), and we’ll show you how long they are sitting up “For Sale.” By looking at data, you can easily decide on what’s the best move for you.

Our Agents:

Education is key. We can’t educate clients if we aren’t educated ourselves — which is why we dedicate hours to keeping up with the industry. Knowing the market is only half of the job. We need to know what other great agents are doing nationwide, so we can learn from them. By constantly educating ourselves, we can implement new strategies that other agents haven’t heard about yet.